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Vertical Integration

Special Machines

A special machine can be unique in concept, design and fabrication. Gable Manufacturing has the knowledge and skills to create special machines for your business needs. We can do process studies and manufacturing analysis to design and build an automated or manual manufacturing cell or machine to meet your unique requirements. Our team skilled engineers and technicians will move your special machines project from concept, to choice of materials, to production of a finished quality product. We create solutions for your Special Machines needs.

We have the reputation of developing special machines to meet the needs of a diverse range of industries and industrial processes. Gable Manufacturing can produce special machines for different activities and industries, such as aviation, aeronautics, energy, chemicals, transportation and maintenance. Our experience in the designing and manufacturing of special machines allow us to create innovative solutions for your business problems and needs.

Special Machines
  • Special Machines design, assembly, wiring and automation
  • Integration of vision systems for control and automatic sorting
  • Integration of robotics for assembly, handling, and packaging operations
  • Special Machines performance testing in accordance with specifications
  • Support and maintenance by our Special Machines staff