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Gable Manufacturing is an industry leader in designing and installing Automated Robotic Systems. We will work with you from the beginning concept through to the project completion. We offer state-of-the-art, fully functional robotic systems solutions.

We utilize a wide range of automated robotic systems including: 3-axis robots, 6-axis robots, SCARA robots, servo sprue picker robots, and side entry robots.

Gable Manufacturing will design an automated robotic system that is custom engineered, built and fully integrated to your company processes. We offer complete turnkey automation systems to custom robotic automation applications.

Global applications are changing. It can be hard to find skilled workers, and harder to retain them. Manufacturing costs are increasing. Many businesses are finding ways to deal with these challenges by integrating automated robotic systems into their operations. Automated Robotic Systems can be cost effective and significantly increase ROI. Robotics can greatly maximize labor costs, and enhance tooling capabilities. We can guide you through every step of the automation process, from the design stage, to project simulation, installation, testing, and on-going maintenance.

Our goal is to manufacture Automated Robotic Systems that maximize productivity and revenue for our customers.

Common Automated Robotic Systems Applications:

  • Robotic Packaging
  • Robotic Welding
  • Robotic Pick & Place
  • Robotic Cutting
  • Robotic Dispensing
  • Robotic Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI)
Robotic systems


  • Automotive
  • Medical Devices
  • Plastic Processors
  • Packaging
  • Dispensing & Cutting

Types of Automated Robotic Systems

  • Scara Robots
  • 6-Axis Robots
  • Gantry/Cartesian Robots
  • Collaborative Robots (Co-Bots)
Robotic systems

Automated robotic systems are ideal for:

  • Material Cutting
  • Insertion
  • Assembly
  • Dispensing
  • Cleanroom Operations
  • Vision-guided robots