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Mechanical CAD Design Services - Design & Build
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Mechanical CAD (computer aided design) offers advanced engineering and manufacturing solutions. The Gable Manufacturing staff are experts in the area of mechanical CAD. We can solve your product design and drafting issues. Our mechanical design engineers will meet your design needs, with precision and quality. This will result in improved productivity and cost savings for you.

Along with 2D services, our engineers and designers help you develop 3D CAD models. We adhere to required standards and codes for industry equipment. Our mechanical CAD services provide top quality results, help increase productivity, and can result in cost savings. Our goal is to understand your project and deliver accurate design and drawing deliverables, resulting in high customer satisfaction. Every project must meet defined quality metrics.

Types of Mechanical CAD

CAD Model - Cross Car Beam  Fixture

Gauge & Fixturing

This is the creation of accurate gauges and fixtures that meet required specifications and adhere to industry standards. We have the skills and experience to accurately assess prevailing gauges and fixtures.

3D Modeling

We can create a 3D digital model of an object in a realistic fashion. 3D modeling incorporates engineering information and product details that are used for rendering and analysis.

3D Modeling
CAD Model - Door Ring Laser Fixture

Assembly Modeling

This is a combination of components to create an accurate and seamless project assembly. This is achieved through accuracy and quality testing to fulfill the project design specifications and functions.

Sheet Metal Drawings

Our sheet metal design services will satisfy your project needs, resulting in a useful product. We create precise fabrication drawings for sheet metal parts, assemblies and products allowing CNC machines to fabricate the final product.

Sheet Metal Drawings
Robot Cell and Fixture CAD

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T)

GD&T makes the communication of the product design intent easier, allowing the critical aspects to function properly. Use of the GD&T method can access the tolerable or permissible variations within product assemblies to uphold industry standards.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Gable Manufacturing engineers can provide you with a detailed BOM comprising all details of the parts and drawings used in product assembly. This process is a vital part of the management documentation in the product cycle.

Each Mechanical CAD Design we develop adheres to industry standards, and the appropriate layouts and specifications of our customers. Gable Manufacturing specializes in providing innovative, professional mechanical CAD services to a variety of industries. We can handle projects of any scale or intricacy. We will provide you with exceptional detailing, with a prompt delivery model.

Bill of Materials (BOM)