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Prototyping tool fixtures allow for producing a prototype or test fixture before one is made for production. Gable Manufacturing can develop cost effective solutions to your prototyping needs. Prototype tooling fixtures can be a viable alternative to fully automated systems, or provide an entry level to automation. Our services include a full CNC machining area and fabrication shop. Our compliance inspection ensures that fixtures and prototypes conform to strict quality standards and your specifications. We utilize prototyping through CNC or 3D printing to create custom fixtures and products and test designs. Our solutions are repeatable and cost effective.

Prototype Fixtures

A prototype fixture is usually a single station versus the production of a fixture. It’s fully capable and produced to the same quality and specifications. They are typically made as a proof of concept, and built before the production fixtures. The prototype fixture can be created so it can attach to the production fixture when it’s complete. It will be part of the multi-station production fixture unit.

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Advantages of Prototyping Tool Fixtures

  • Proof on principle
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Allows for functional testing
  • An opportunity to correct issues or improve
  • Fully functional
  • Same lifespan as a production fixture

Benefits of Prototyping Fixtures

  • Repeatability
  • Cost effective
  • Proof of concept economically
  • High quality parts
  • Production ready products
  • Risk management and mitigation during design
Poke Yoke Clamp

Prototyping tool fixtures give you the opportunity to prove design concepts and create a fully functional, quality product. It’s a cost effective way to find out if a part will work.